28th March 2016

Split testing

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  • Want to start split testing?
  • Frustrated by lack of results in your split test programme?
  • Not confident in your split test statistics?

We assist organisations to develop rigorous split testing programmes that level the ecommerce playing field, providing small and medium sized organisations with a strong data science capability.

Split testing services

  • System setup done correctly, by a certified consultant
  • Integration between your split testing system and anlytics – often missed out, this step is vital to picking up side-effects of your test variants, relating changes to your baseline performance, and opening up your options for analysis of the results.
  • Measurement capability Different organisations need to optimise for different metrics. What matters for you: conversion, revenue, engagement?
  • Statistical analysis – our statistical modelling approaches extract the signal from noisy test data, and can give you a useful answer where significance testing would not, such as low traffic, narrow segments, and rare conversions.
  • Specialist help to develop your testing plan – frame your ideas for tests into a precise hypothesis and a test programme that will yield real results.


We’ve helped medium sized organisations in the financial services, charity, membership and sport sectors.

Contact us

For a free consultation on your requirements, with no obligation.

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