13th December 2015

Google Analytics consulting

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We sort out your analytics tools to deliver reliable information that’s relevant to your business.

We are

face Friendly, approachable, expert consultants
school Google Analytics certified
business_center Experienced

For your business

attach_money Measure what matters to your business
trending_up Improve with reliable feedback on changes
group Understand users better

We do

local_hospital Analytics health check
settings Analytics and tag management setup
build Custom analytics solutions


extension Hard measurement problems
functions Advanced analysis
watch_later Automate reporting – save time and errors

Flexible packages tailored to your organisation

We work for startups, small business, not-for-profits, and enterprise clients. After our free initial consultation, we’ll tailor a package to suit your needs and your budget.

We’ve implemented everything from straightforward setups, to cracking the hard problems in tracking, integration and analysis.

bug_reportReview & health check

Can you believe your analytics?
We can review your Google Analytics setup and identify any issues, before bad data leads to bad decisions.

  • Setup and configuration
  • Tagging
  • Prioritised list of fixes and recommended improvements

settings Configure and customise

We tackle GA installations, from the basic to the most complex, delivering reliable technical solutions that fit your business. We’re used to working with both agencies and in-house dev teams.

  • Account structure, view setup
  • Tagging and tag management
  • Ecommerce & campaign tracking
  • Custom tracking – events, User ID, dimensions
  • Integrations – CRM, split test, ecommerce

trending_up Reporting & data analysis

Out proven toolset automates analysis and delivers regular, relevant reports you can use.

  • Custom reports
  • Dashboards and automated reporting
  • Analytics API experts – integrations
  • Analysis – translate data into business insight
  • Predictive models, customer value, attribution

school Training & support

Upskill your team or stakeholders to use and understand analytics

  • Customised training
  • Group training
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Ad-hoc support

gps_fixed Measurement strategy

Develop a digital analytics plan and measurement model – this is a process for making and documenting informed choices for manageable set of key metrics that reflect your business goals and strategies.

  • Reports that are clear and relevant, without distractions
  • Business questions can be answered
  • Metrics are comparable in weeks, months and years to come

Contact us

For a free consultation on your requirements, with no obligation.

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