28th March 2016

Automatic reports & dashboards

Automated reporting brings your most important analytics to the fore. Allowing you to focus on improving performance and taking in new insights.

We specialise in

Automated reports

Clear, mobile friendly, fully automated reports that mean something to your business – take the grunt work and error out of regular reporting; get the clearest possible picture of the metrics that matter to you.
Our automated reports are delivered as mobile friendly email, or on the web.

Interactive dashboards

Visualise your performance indicators and explore your data while staying focussed on your KPIs.
This example pulls some general performance data from Google Analtyics, to demonstrate what’s possible.

Analytics integrations

Bring analytics data into your BI, CRM or management tools – Excel, Google Docs, Dynamics, anything.



  • Complete flexibility to include the data relevant to you, visualised as you want it. We wrote and own this code, and we customise it to each client.
  • Pull any data from GA or other web APIs – if you can get it from a web API we can add it to a report
  • Segment in any way – apply different segments to different metrics and tables – no more delivering a separate report for each segment
  • Ability to integrate analytics and other data sources
  • Analysis and comparison can account for seasonal and other patterns to give you meaningful comparisons and visualisations


We have a great existing codebase and extensive experience – this means your project delivers value sooner

  • Google’s embed API
  • Google apps script
  • Excel VBA
  • Google analytics API
  • D3
  • AngularJS

Business applications

Your chosen metrics can be pulled, segmented, compared, analysed, visualised and sent as a mobile friendly email, or Excel, or just about any format you like.

This technology can be used for

  • Detailed reports for the team to keep tabs on key numbers and stay motivated
  • Management overviews
  • Stakeholder reports
  • Dashboard reports with anything you can imagine on them

How do I buy?

We help you set up automated reports tailored to your business. You can then pick up maintenance of it in-house or engage us as needed for ongoing maintenance and support. The cost depends on the complexity of the report and how much ongoing support you need. Please contact us to discuss your requirements, with no obligation to purchase anything.

Find out more and see an example report

Use the form to ask a question or request an example report, and we’ll get back to you very soon.

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Background & history

We published the first practical solution for pulling data from the Google Analytics API into Google Docs back at the beginning of 2012. Since then Google has come to the party and added a dedicated library for GA access.
Around Google’s library we’ve built a complete solution for pulling and analysing data, generating visualisations, generating and sending emails. This robust framework is now in use in several clients generating dozens of highly refined reports a month.